Hello everyone!

In this second blog, we will start talking about the trend of "EXAGGERATED SHOULDERS or PUFF SLEEVES". Eighties trend inspired by the nineteenth century, which causes a visual effect in the narrowing of the waist, by marking the part of the shoulders in a pronounced way and focusing attention on it and the chest area.
The trend brings a very romantic, retro and elegant air to the outfit.

This trend has been applied both in more formal garments, such as blouses and shirts, and in turn in garments most used in daily style, such as sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets.

In our case, at Bloommi, we have different garments with this eighties-Victorian style, but we must highlight a garment that is going strong this winter and has become one of our best sellers.

It is the "beige puffed sweater", a garment with puffed sleeves ending in a fitted sleeve from the elbow. This effect makes the garment very combinable, both casually and a little more arranged or formal, since it can be dressed with jeans / pants and sneakers, as with a skirt and high-heeled ankle boots, depending on the touch we want to give, for so much it is a very versatile garment, according to any situation. Also add that the touch of our puffed sweater is very soft and comfortable.

And now ... what are you waiting for? Don't miss out!

See you soon! 💃🏻

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