We welcome you to a new season "AUTUMN-WINTER COLLECTION 2021", with a limited variety of garments, since they are considered more exclusive pieces, with reduced stock and in order to have a greater rotation of "unique" collections. If you like a product, don't hesitate and don't miss out on yours!

In this first autumn blog, we want to refer to a trend that we have already talked about previously, but today, we want to talk about the subject in greater depth, since it is considered a trend that will mark this fall, without a doubt. 

The tendency to treat is the “ANIMAL PRINT”, Considered by Elle magazine a trend that is making a comeback stronger than ever. It is a print that has managed to find a place in every wardrobe, highlighting the classic leopard and the zebra print in black and white. Both have managed to become a basic.

This trend is considered very versatile and very powerful, since it has the advantage of being able to use it in simple pieces such as pants, shirt or skirt, or on the contrary in a total look such as a dress, jumpsuit or top + bottom . This already depends on the tastes and styles of each one 😉

According to Mujerhoy magazine, animal print is the most fashionist, since it is very daring and elevates any style from boring to chic, giving a distinctive touch of different glamor. 

We in our AW21 COLLECTION, we have not doubted it for 1 second! Yes or yes we had to have pants with animal print, especially with a zebra print combined in black and white, a classic to give light and attention to any outfit. 

Why do we love animal print and how to combine it? Now we will answer the big question.

The animal print, as we have mentioned previously, is a print that visually attracts At first glance, it favors a lot both in garments, as in accessories or accessories, it is a pattern that does not fail in any season, since we can always find garments with this print. 

On the other hand, combining it is very easy and simple. Given its great versatility, it can be used for more sugary and rocky looks as well as for simpler or romantic looks. 

  • In case of betting on a simpler look, we recommend combining the animal print garment with garments more neutral or basic to focus attention on the patterned garment. It can be combined with both boots and sneakers.
  • If we want a more elegant look we can choose to combine it with a blazer to give a more formal touch.
  • Finally, if it is an evening look, we recommend choosing a top or blouse and some high-heeled ankle boots or heels. You choose!

⚠️ ATTENTION IMP: Do not combine nuuuuunca, animal prints with other prints such as polka dots, stripes, etc. And also be very careful with very edgy colors, such as red.

Here is a recreation of various types of looks with our Zebra Pants. You will love them, because in addition to being ideal, they are very comfortable! 🦓


See you on the next blog! ♥️


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