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The trend that we bring you today in BLOOMMI TRENDY BLOG, is the combination of formal clothes with casual clothes, a trend that has been started relatively recently, given that the population's clothing preferences have changed in recent years. 

Currently, comfort prevails when dressing, but without losing the touch of formality that we want to add to our outfits.

That is why the trend, "formal with casual" is a new must to create comfortable and stylish looks.

For example, we are talking about outfits characterized by their formality, such as a blazer or a dress, which may have previously been combined with a boot or a heel, but currently the biggest trend is to combine it with sneakers to give it a touch. comfy and casual. 

At Bloommi, we have opted for this trend, since we think it is a very cool trend and we have created several looks to inspire you, combining formal and informal pieces.

  • Look 1: Puffed dress with sneakers.

This outfit contains the puffed dress, as the main formal piece (we already talked to you in the previous blog about the puff sleeve trend, if you haven't read it yet, run!). The dress, being tight and short in length, is characterized by being at night or for some type of event, but when combined with more casual footwear, such as sneakers, it has the essence, "formal but NOT", ideal for going out to have a drink without going overboard with formality, but super chic and trendy.

  • Look 2: Sleeves, satin midi dress and sneakers.

This outfit is perfect for slightly more formal occasions, without the need to be elegant from head to toe, since the main formal piece is the satin dress. The outfit is made up of knitted sleeves (a product characterized by being one of the top in the latest trends), a piece that can be combined with tops, t-shirts or dresses, also made up of The satin midi dress is a formal garment at first glance, but depending on how the top, as well as the footwear and accessories are combined, it can achieve one touch or another.

We are waiting to see your formal & casual outfits!

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