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Today we want to talk about halftime trends, since they are times of the year characterized by "not knowing what to wear", because the weather is SO different in the morning, afternoon and night. One day it is cold in the morning when you leave the house and suddenly it is time to eat and the temperatures rise to such an extent that we would not know if we are still in spring or we have already changed the season, has it happened to you?

That is why it is super important to leave the house with several garments with the option to be able to remove and remain very cute!

This spring we want to highlight the sleeveless knit tops, ideal to combine with any outfit and in turn, a tad warmer than t-shirts.

We want to highlight our "Blue knitted top vest", a garment in trend and highly demanded at this time. It has a cheerful and striking blue tone, the cut of the garment is tight, close to the body and a bit cropped, great to combine with both pants and skirt, SUPER VERSATILE! Add that this recreated look we love, as it has a "sporty chic" spirit.

(We leave you the link from the top: https://www.bloommi.com/products/chaleco-top-punto-azul?_pos=2&_sid=2a972d5d6&_ss=r)

And you, do you like this trend & combination?

Thank you for reading us one more day, we wait for you in the next Trendy Blog! ✌️

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