Welcome to our #bebloommi trendy blog, one more week !!

Today we want to present another trend, super popular today, which basically consists of the combination of sweatshirts (generally casual piece), with a slightly more formal look, since sweatshirts are considered, “the new sweaters”.

Who doesn't have a thousand sweatshirts in the closet? EVERYONE! Since it is a basic piece, both for comfort and trend. 

Remember that sweatshirts were previously used as a comfortable garment for sports, being the upper part of tracksuits, but over the years it has evolved to become a basic and a must have in every closet. At the same time, it is a VERY versatile garment, as it can be combined with EVERYTHING, sweatpants, jeans, dart-style pants and ... even with dresses and skirts!

This trend is directly linked, with the trend mentioned in our third blog, the combination of the formal with the casual, to give it a more relaxed touch and to be able to diversify styles. 

In this blog, we want to show you a look created with our oversized Alaska sweatshirt (a best seller), with high-waisted leather effect pants and, as a complement, a bag with a double metallic chain. The last two products mentioned are characterized by being more formal pieces and with which elegant looks can be created, on the other hand, when combined with a casual and oversize sweatshirt, it recreates a sophisticated look and at the same time tendentious and comfortable, which is one of the most points to keep in mind today. 

Another point to keep in mind about this sweatshirt is that the neck that it has is neither round nor hoodie type, it is the so-called perkins style with central zipper. The use of this collar format is warmer for winter and mid-season and ideal for when it is warmer thanks to the option of opening the front zipper and at the same time, it is characterized by stylizing the neck area, making it much longer. . 

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See you soon!!

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